Carer Testimonials

"Recently I have myself become a carer to my 17 year old daughter who has been diagnosed with depression. I have attended the Carer’s Group and seen first-hand the excellent work that is carried out. The invaluable support to family and friends of service users is tantamount to helping those with mental health issues. The group provides vital information to carers both for themselves and those within their care. The group is a way to share experiences and learn from each other. Under Andrea’s excellent guidance problems are shared and solutions formed. Guest speakers are also invited to the group providing information and education."

"I highly value our carer’s group which enables me to be in contact with our carers, sharing problems and information, coping strategies and having professionals come to talk to us.

I feel more confident in my role as a carer to be recognised as a valuable part of the caring triangle and to have company for much needed occasional respite sessions."

"I am the sole carer for my daughter who is 33 years old. She has paraonoid schizophrenia and learning difficulties.

I have been coming to the group for about 2 years and it has been invaluable to me. All the carers get together and discuss our worries, fears and hopes. We help each other, we cry and laugh together and we understand each other.

Through the group we have access to information about medication, benefits and new treatments."

"For me the group has been useful because there has been a chance to talk to others in similar situations. Also the amount of speakers that we have had have given some very useful advice on lots of things, help with benefits advice has been useful to many of us. Also the social occasions that we have enjoyed together have been a time I have been able to relax and just enjoy the company of like-minded and caring people."

"I started going to the carer’s group 2 years ago when I was a carer for my daughter. My daughter was on the ward and I didn’t know where to turn and someone told me about the group.

When I go there I can sit down and talk to people if I am having a problem and I know that they understand how I feel. They are all encouraging and if it wasn’t for the group I wouldn’t know where to turn.

I look forward to going and can sit down and talk to somebody. I can express my feelings and they will listen to me."

"I can honestly say I was at a very low point in my life as a carer when I went along to the carer’s group, feeling isolated and on my own with my caring issues. I was embraced by the people at the group, no one judged me or the person I care for and they could sympathize with my situation. I felt they understood what I was going through as all the other members where going through some of the same issues as me. I no longer felt that I was on my own with this. Being a carer can be a dark place sometimes and it is amazing how much better you feel when in the company of other carers. We fully support each other. We have a much louder voice when the numbers get larger.

New members are always welcome to come along to the monthly meetings and each and every one of them will be treated with the respect they deserve, for the much needed job that they do for their loved one(s)."


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